I first saw Danny Choo’s unboxing video of the Smart Doll on YouTube, a random suggestion but one that would honestly change my life. From the moment I saw my first Smart Doll online it wasn’t long until I had one in my hands, I immediately fell in love and it sparked my passion for designing apparel for them.

I studied Fashion Design at university, worked for many high profile designers and retailers.. but I had always wanted my own business. Creating apparel for Smart Doll was at first a hobby, something to do in my spare time to dress my Mirai up in custom outfits. After I posted pictures of my work online I started to get attention from other doll collectors, some of which wanted to buy my apparel. This was just the start of an incredible journey!

My big break was being handpicked by Danny Choo himself to become a freelance apparel designer for Smart Doll after seeing one of my designs being worn by my Mirai, that was an amazing feeling.. to be given the seal of approval by the creator and being offered a job doing something I love.

The ‘off-shoulder ruffle top’ by Tobias Malfoy for Smart Doll. 2017.

This opportunity gave me so much exposure and exponentially grew my following as a doll apparel designer, my Etsy store grew and grew with more customers than ever before. I was and still am grateful for every single order, review and comment I received.. my customers are amazing people for supporting me pursuing my passion.

This website is the next step for my business, I have so much more planned for the future. These dolls are a constant inspiration to me, my muses, I’m looking forward to seeing what I create next and if you are too please follow along with my journey on Instagram.

Tobias x